Breast Implants

Years ago after having my children, I decided my size A boobs needed help, and elected to have implants, and went to a C size. I was very happy, had no problems for about 20 years, and had a rupture. When I was finally able to have surgery, the implant that ruptured had attached itself, and I had to have it scraped out to the bone. 8 hours later, I was out of surgery and woke up to DD’s, a decision that was made while I was in surgery. Needless to say, the size over the years hasn’t always been great for my back. Last week, I had my yearly breast mammogram, and it hurt like crazy. I even let out a yell because of the excessive squeezing etc. Over a week now, and it hurts to breathe, bend, lift, etc. I’m going back to get an exam this week to see what’s going on, but I believe it’s another ruptured implant. All this is to say, if I had it to do all over again, I would of never started this process of a lifetime commitment to surgeries. I would of loved my little boobies, and taken good care of what was God given. Just hoping that my experience will help someone else❤️

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