Cont…Breast implants

The main reason I am writing about this is to possibly help others. Whether you also are going through a similar situation or considering having implants I hope this will help you in some sort of way.

Today, I am having an ultrasound to see what’s going on, why I’m having pain, if my implants ruptured after the “ruff” mammogram given last week. I have suffered pain, loss of sleep, income and more of all the above to come possibly. I am an energetic person, positive, and encouragement is my game, but also human, and this has slowed me down to say the least. The question in my mind is what’s next, if I had a rupture, will I replace with more implants, definitely smaller ones, or do I just live without any? I don’t know if I’m ready for that, that would mean I would only have one tiny size A boob, and a hole on the other side. I’m sure the surgery will be expensive, prices are at an all time high for everything. What would you do? I’m 56, I still enjoy wearing a bathing suit, dressing in cute clothes, being feminine. Is this vanity, how will my husband look at me, should this not be a thing? Lots going on in my head, and I know there are a billion things worse. Prayers appreciated ❤️

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